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   * <​php>​get(array $conditions=[],​ array $order=[], $get_first=false)</​php>​   * <​php>​get(array $conditions=[],​ array $order=[], $get_first=false)</​php>​
   * <​php>​get_by_id($id,​ $field='​id'​)</​php>​   * <​php>​get_by_id($id,​ $field='​id'​)</​php>​
-  * <​php>​create(array $values)</​php>​+  * <​php>​create(array $values)</​php> ​Returns inserted ID.
   * <​php>​update(array $data, array $conditions=[])</​php>​ Use with caution!   * <​php>​update(array $data, array $conditions=[])</​php>​ Use with caution!
   * <​php>​update_by_id($id,​ array $data, $field='​id'​)</​php>​   * <​php>​update_by_id($id,​ array $data, $field='​id'​)</​php>​

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